Most Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Country Villas, the most complete and affordable adult resort community of custom built homes in Manitoba.

We have prepared answers to some of your most frequently asked questions:

Q. When will the Country Villas be ready for Occupancy?

A. The Project Team has extensive experience in the development of all types of adult communities.  We are progressing very steadily on all development activities at present.  We are allowing until late Fall 1997 to complete our zoning approvals.  Assuming this is done we plan to construct the project underground services early in 1998 and begin construction of individual condominiums in the Spring of 1998.  The first occupancies should occur in the early Fall 1998.

Q. Will the Country Villas have a secure, remote control gate access at the main project entrance?

A. Yes.  The Country Villas will feature a secure main gate, with access controlled by card swipe or number pad code.  Guest entry will be controlled by a video intercom system connected to your telephone and pre-wired for future television viewing.

Q. What am I purchasing when I buy at the Country Villas?

A. At The Country Villas you receive a detached bungalow home on its own individual bare land, condominium titled lot.  In addition you receive your proportionate share  (1 / 163) responsibility in the common area expenses of the entire project.

Q. What are the expected common element condominium fees (including operation of the Villas Clubhouse) and Property Taxes.

A. Details of the projected year one operating budget are presented in the project condominium documents.

The Country Villas operating costs will be very competitive with other projects now being marketed in Winnipeg.  The operating preliminary budget for the Country Villas indicates a common element fee of $145 per month.  The basic fee includes snow removal, landscaping services, project insurance, common utilities, common elements maintenance, insurance and management fees.  Once the Clubhouse has been constructed, the monthly common element fee is expected to increase to approximately $163 per month to cover the operating costs of the Clubhouse.

Property taxes for the Country Villas are expected to significantly lower than property taxes for comparable condominium homes in Winnipeg.  The Project Team has prepared estimates of property taxes for the Country Villas, based on anticipated selling prices and the current mill rates in the R.M. of East St. Paul.  Property taxes for a $150,000 home are expected to be approximately $2400 before the $250 Resident Homeowner Tax Assistance. This provides a saving of almost $100 per month when compared to a similarly valued condominium in the City of Winnipeg.

In summary residents of the Country Villas will enjoy a far greater level of services and amenities at monthly costs that are actually significantly less than any other condominium community in Winnipeg.

Q. Who makes up the Country Villas Condominium Board of Directors?

A. The Board of Directors are elected directly by the unit owners at the corporation Annual General Meeting.

Q. Must I participate in the Condominium Corporation?

A. Not if you donít want to!  In terms of day to day matters, our property management company will fulfil the everyday obligations and responsibilities as set out by the Board of Directors.

Q. Are there any future plans for bus or shuttle service to and from the Country Villas site?

A. At present the Country Villas site is not serviced by public transportation.
Project management may attempt to coordinate a volunteer shuttle program or approach Safeway to service the project with their existing shuttle bus, if the need/demand arises at the site in the future.  Please note that a new IGA Supermarket was opened at the corner of Birds Hill Road and Hoddinott Road in the summer of 1998.  This IGA store is within 1 Km of the Country Villas site.

Q. Where are the nearest Emergency Services?

A. The Municipal Police and Fire Department services are located within a minute or two drive south along Birds Hill Road.  Concordia Hospital is located nearby off Highway 59.  In addition, medical clinics and offices are nearby along Henderson Highway and Regent Avenue.

Q. Will all exterior maintenance be included within my common elements condominium fee?

A. Yes.  Your common element condominium fee will include all landscape maintenance, snow removal, common area hydro, site access control maintenance, garbage removal, common areas insurance and Villas Clubhouse operating costs.  In addition, exterior maintenance to your home including roofs, sofits (hail damage etc.) is provided for by the Condominium Corporation.  Exterior windows will be washed by the Corporation once each year.

Q. Do I pay extra fees to use the Villas Clubhouse or recreation facilities?

A. No.  These costs are part of your monthly condominium fee at the Country Villas.  You make reserve the Clubhouse spaces for private functions or utilize any of the fitness or crafts spaces all at no added cost.

Q. Can I select my own colours and interior features and materials?

A. Yes.  Every Country Villas purchaser will have the opportunity to meet with a project interior designer to choose the colours and materials that appeal to you most, from our pre-selected building standards.  Additional optional products and home features can also be selected at this time, at added cost.

Q. Will pets be allowed at the Country Villas?

A. Yes.  Pets will be allowed at the Country Villas.  Some restrictions will likely be incorporated within the project condominium documents with respect to size of dogs, access to common areas, leashes etc.  Pets policies are a matter that can be amended by consensus via the project condominium organization.

Q. What other rules and regulations will apply to residents at the Country Villas?

A. Rules and Regulations will be established by the Condominium Board. General rules will apply to occupancy and the standard appearance of villa home exteriors, landscaped yards and parking areas.  In addition residents can be assured that added regulations, common to similar projects will be enacted to ensure residents quite enjoyment.

Q. When will the Villas Clubhouse be constructed?

A. The Villas Clubhouse will be constructed at the later stage of Phase One (after approximately 66 units have been constructed).

Q. Are double garages available and what type of surface or quest parking will be available?

A. Double garages will be standard on all condominium homes at the Country Villas.  Every Country Villa lot will provide a parking pad in front of your garage door (generally this pad will accommodate two outdoor parked cars).  The streets in front of every home will be wide enough to accommodate visitors parking.  In addition the central Villas Clubhouse will provide ample parking for visitors.  Space will also be provided for a limited number of Recreation Vehicle parking stalls.

Q. Will basements be provided at the Country Villas'.?

A. Yes. Basements are standard in all Country Villas homes.  Residents who do not require a basement may at their option request their home be constructed over a structural crawl space and receive credit toward their purchase price.

Q. What level of construction/finishing quality can be expected at the
Country Villas?

A. High quality materials and workmanship will be the standard at the Country Villas.  Residents who wish to customize their new home further can select options from a pre-priced list prepared by the development team.  More detail is available in the project marketing brochure.

Q. What happens when I want to move?

A. We hope you will be so happy at the Country Villas that you will never want to move, however if your situation were to change, rest assured your home can be resold in the normal fashion, just like any other home.

Q. Can I make changes to the interior and exterior/ garden of my home
at the Country Villas?

A. One of the reasons that condominium developments are so popular today is that owners are assured that the original design integrity of the entire project will be maintained.  Any changes to the exterior of your home are only possible with written consent of the manager and Condominium Board of Directors.  Each home landscape plan will allow for small individual planting areas and for container planting on decks and pathways.

You are free to make any decor changes inside your new home as long as you do not affect structural and/or building envelope items such as load bearing walls, windows and vapour barriers.

Q. Who are the Project Team members?

A. Qualico is one of western Canada's largest and most successful real estate organizations.  Founded in Winnipeg by Dr. David Friesen Q.C. in 1951, the "Qualico" name has been associated with land development and construction in a broad range of Western Canadian homeowner markets.  In the 1960's Qualico entered the field of multi-family housing and has since developed over 10,000 apartments and townhomes for its own portfolio, resale and condominium ownership.  Qualico's current focus is the development of adult lifestyle communities.  RFC is an organization that specializes in adult and retirement communities.  RFC has provided prime development services leading to the successful development and construction of over 400 adult apartment homes in recent years.  LM Architects, one of Manitoba's most established firms, will provide design services to the Country Villas.

Please call John Daniels at Qualico 233-2451 or Bil Coady at RFC 475-9090 for answers to any added questions you may have.


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